Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A bit more snow

It snowed for a while again yesterday but the ground wasn't cold enough to make it stick for long. Now it is just very wet and dark and a good time to be somewhere warmer.

Despite all that, spring is trying to happen all round the garden. Still no daffodils open but their buds are yellow and it will only take a few sunny days to get them going. I saw buds opening on some of the willow trees yesterday which is good news for the bees. The willow catkins are probably the most important source of pollen for their early spring population build-up so I hope the weather is a bit kinder soon.

The primroses and snowdrops are still going strong even if the primroses are looking a bit battered from having been covered with snow for a while.

These primroses are growing on a very steep North-facing bank which never gets any direct sunlight. Despite that, they are increasing in number each year especially since we cleared the bank of brambles and other scrub.

Snowdrops naturalised on a ditch bank where they seem to do really well. Their red/orange pollen will be gathered by the bees if the weather is warm enough.

Thousands of snowdrops along the bank of this ditch which takes surplus water away from the stream before it reaches the lake inlet. One day I am sure that all this will collapse and the old lime trees will topple in to the ditch.

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