Saturday, 26 January 2013

A proper winter

This year we really are having a proper winter. Woke up to snow again this morning. Fox footprints everywhere including inside the duck pen. Oops! Must change the fence before there is no need for it any more.

Checked the beehives first thing, - all covered in snow and no movement. By lunchtime though, the sun was out, the hive entrances were clear and some bees were flying even though it was only 5°C. Several bodies in front of the hives where the undertakers had been cleaning up.

Chalet roofs ideal for these conditions

These hives are 10-frame Dadants with Nicot plastic floors and bases which I built myself. The bees in this group are all Caucasians, - very good at over-wintering and contrary to what you might read, do not propolise any more than my other bees and so far have not suffered from nosema. I make sure that they are well fed and clean and treat twice a year against Varoa mites.

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